One Day Workshop on Variance-Based Structural Equation Modeling using ADANCO Software


ADANCO (“advanced analysis of composites”) is a user-friendly software for variance-based structural equation modeling (Henseler et al., 2015; Reinartz, et al., 2009; SEM).The software can be used to implement “partial least squares path modeling (PLS), consistent PLS (PLSc), confirmatory composite analysis (CCA), extraction of the first principal component (PCA), ordinary least squares regression (OLS), sum scores, canonical correlation analysis, and bootstrapping (Henseler et al., 2017, p.1). This one-day workshop is aimed at providing a profound introduction to statistical analysis using ADANCO Software. The course has been designed for UTB School of Business Postgraduate students PhD students who are interested in learning how to use ADANCO Software in their own research applications. A basic knowledge of multivariate statistics and SEM techniques is helpful, but not required. The session will cover theory and its application. Specifically, theoretical explanations underlying the software procedures and practical exercises where participants will apply their learning to real-world examples provided by the instructor.

Mar 20, 2021
UTB School of Business Postgraduate Talk Series 2021
Universiti Teknologi Brunei
Kabiru Maitama Kura
Kabiru Maitama Kura
Associate Professor of Human Resource Management

My expertise lies in understanding, explaining, predicting human behavior in organizational context.